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Been doing some shopping lately, and I’ve noticed there has been a lot of peplum tops and dresses.

At first glance, I thought to myself, those would not be flattering with my “abnormally” big hips. OK, they aren’t that big, but when you put my body against another Vietnamese girl, you see that my portions are just bigger everywhere! LOL. This does not mean in any way that I am unhappy with my body, I’ve actually grown to LOVE and occassionally have to DEFEND my awesome curves (but that’s a whole another blog entry!)

As I was saying before I got off topic on body proportions, I just didn’t think the peplum trend would be for me. But after seeing them so often on shopping trips, I just couldn’t resist. So off to the fitting room I went with a peplum top. Immediately, it was love!

I am now loving this peplum trend! Surprisingly, the peplum part of the dress/top has a “magical” way of building an hour-shaped figure with the draped ruffled piece. Adding the peplum to a top/dress/skirt seems to cinch the waist. And with the peplum top I found, it also does a great job of hiding my muffin top!

So next time, before you judge something on the rack, give it a try; you never know it can be your next favorite piece!

Have you given into the peplum trend? How do you wear your peplum?

Photo from: http://www.unikapparel.com/trendspotting-peplum/