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One of the first things people usually know about me—I absolutely love coffee. It’s my guilty pleasure, being able to sip a cup of coffee. For me, it is great anytime, and all the time.

To no surprise, I am a Starbucks fan. I am also a fan of good deals (who isn’t, right?). So just in time for fall season, for the delicious aroma of pumpkin spice lattes and all other holiday caffeine-infused goodies at Starbucks, LivingSocial has given us a great deal. You can now get a $10 gift Starbucks card for only $5. That’s Starbucks for half the price! A deal like this never comes around. I have already bought mine and with it being my birthday month, I have hinted to family and friends, exactly what I want!

If you are new to LivingSocial, they work similar to Groupon. And to make this deal even better, when you buy from LivingSocial, you get a personal link that you can share with others on Facebook, etc. and if 3 people buy from your link, you get your deal free!

Side note: I am NOT getting paid or profiting by listing this deal. I am not even listing my personal link on here. I am just one of those people that love good deals, uses coupons, and likes to share my findings with everyone.

Picture from Kelly_R.