This monday, I have an interview for Ross University medical school. I am not sure why, but “freaking out” mode has not kicked in yet. This application process has been draining, with so many different essays to write, things to send, getting misplaced, and having to be re-sent, as well as the constant wait on the phone to follow up. I’m glad to see that things are sort of moving a long and I have an interview scheduled for one school.

I just got off the phone with the other school, St. George’s University, and even with my 3rd time sending my passport photo, it’s still not in my file to be complete. But this time I made sure she printed and completed my file while on the phone with her. I have been promised that today I will hear of their decision for an interview or not. Although the application process has been a bit messy, I am hoping to be able to score an interview and hopefully earn a place in this school’s entering class. 

Nonetheless, with an interview coming up on Monday, I’m wondering how I should feel? I have been reading and preparing myself a bit for this interview. Fortunately, it’s with one person, rather than a panel, and I was told it would be more of a conversation then a drilling with questions type of interview. I am not quite sure how to prepare. In my previous interviews for jobs, council positions, volunteering, etc., I never really prepared. I just spoke from my heart, stayed true, and laid it on the table. I don’t think I need to dress up anything with sprinkles, what I’ve done should hold volume and hopefully get me into medical school. I feel confident, yet scared at the same time. 

Should I take more preparation with a medical school interview, after all, this will determine where I will be for the next 4 to 8 years of my life…..How do you normally prepare for an interview?