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Hello CC Creams

It was just last year that I was introduced to the miracles of BB cream…and now there are CC creams?? Yes, it may all seem like a crazy alphabet and alliteration scheme going on, but I am very excited to try CC creams!

The CC stands for Color Correction or Color Control. CC creams are said to be the supercharged versions of BB creams, and to work better than current BB creams in helping with coverage. Just as the former, it offers all the great nourishing benefits of skincare—sun protection, anti-winkling, whitening, moisturizing—but will provide more effective coverage and give you a smoother appearance with it’s lighter texture.

I recently purchased and received my first Rachel K CC Cream in Neutral. I’m going to try it out for two weeks and let you know how it goes! With the miracles that BB cream has provided for my skin, I hope that I will soon say the same for CC creams. I’ll update and let you all know!

Have you all tried BB creams? Excited to try the CC creams?