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Every June, I have to focus and tunnel my creative juices and I get into “crafting” mode. This is usually because my youngest brother always chooses a birthday party theme that is not easily found at Party City or other stores.

This year, he became obsessed with Lego Ninjago, just like every other little boy his age. I never knew how popular this show was until I actually went to look for his birthday present—at every store, the shelves were LITERALLY emptied! So it was only natural for him to dream of Lego Ninjagos party for his 8th birthday. And being a sucker for his cuteness, I couldn’t deny his wish and had to start making party decorations. 

The party has long gone and past (his birthday is in July), but I still wanted to post and share my ideas. I was able to get a lot of inspiration off Pinterest, but mainly they were pictures, with not many downloadable PDF’s, instructions, or anything of that sort. Thus, I really wanted to include and offer my creations for others to use…Seeing how popular Ninjago is, I’m sure there are others that will be having Ninjago parties soon! 

One of the first things I found on Pinterest were Ninjago themed Gatorade drinks. These are absolutely adorable and the drink names—incredibly creative. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a link to the actual creator on Pinterest, so I decided to use his/her idea and make my own labels. If you know who thought of the drink idea, please let me know—I love to give credit where it’s due.

Things you need:

  • Small Gatorade drink bottles – I found them at Costco. Try to get the colors red, blue, dark purple (for the black ninja), and I just had to empty and fill some with plain water for the white ninja). 
  • Photo Paper (or plain paper) – I find that using photo paper works better with drink labels because they are stronger and more durable, and don’t fall off when the bottles “sweat.” 
  • Tape
  • Paper slicer or scissors

These are really easy to make! Print and cut the labels, remove the Gatorade labels, wrap the Ninjago themed labels on the appropriate colored Gatorade drink, and secure with tape. You can download the prints here for FREE:

Stay tuned for more Ninago party ideas and printables!

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