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What makes Halloween my favorite holiday? Dressing in costume! The ability to transform and be anything I want… 

When I started dressing up for Halloween, I would go to the store and buy a costume. But after two years of going out, seeing others in the same costume as me, and being envious of others’ creative homemade costumes… I decided that I would never buy a costume again! 

Since I decided on making homemade costumes, I usually start thinking about Halloween in August! It’s crazy to admit, but I start planning my costume and usually finish it before October is here. This year, I’ve been a bit busy with getting things in order for medical school, so I am just now beginning.

I went to JoAnn’s and bought fabric to start tonight. Here’s a picture of the beginning of Andy’s (youngest brother) costume. Can you guess what he wants will be? I’ll give you a hint—it’s his favorite character at the moment and I couldn’t resist his request to also have his birthday this theme…

I plan to finish it tomorrow and then start on my costume(s). I’m still debating on what I want to be. I realized this could be my last year to make a costume since medical school may consume my life soon, so I thought I would make TWO costumes!

I wanted to do something extremely spooky and scary!… but then I also saw this picture of a Starbucks costume (what???) and just couldn’t resist the cuteness! Can’t make up my mind so I may just end up making two if time is on my side.

Stay tuned to see the finished costumes! What are you planning to dress as for Halloween?