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In the midst of making costumes, I realized I never shared any of my previous homemade costumes. One of the ones I am most proud—is of my favorite Disney character, Pocahontas.

I remember growing up and seriously believing that I was Pocahontas. I always felt as though I could relate to her so much. And who could not love the song, “Colors of the Wind.” I would sing on the top of my lungs (as if I really was a great singer!) LOL. 

Last year, I decided to try and replicate as much as I could of Pocahontas. It was actually pretty easy compared to my previous homemade costumes. The only thing that was really time consuming, was making the necklace.

The finished piece—I had to accessorize with some arm candy, and of course shoes! Couldn’t walk around barefoot like Pocahontas!

With my boyfriend…He really did not want to be my John Smith. 

We went out to dinner before meeting up with everyone else, and there was a costume contest… Proud to say, I WON!

Ending the night here with my sister and this guy’s hilarious homemade costume!

Sometimes I like going out just to see what others’ are going to dress as. I even saw someone dressed as a Tampax tampon box….don’t know why anyone would want to be that for Halloween—but, to each his own!

What are some crazy costumes you have seen?