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Almost finished! I still have to make the ninja mask…but I at least wanted to share how I did the body suit! I actually followed Baby Lux Design’s guide.

Unfortunately, I was rushing and working on this late at night, so I didn’t take pictures of each step. However, I did make a diagram and instruction sheet if you needed help. Click Lego Ninjago Costume Directions for a diagram and step-by-step instructions on how I made this. Baby Lux Design also has great step by step directions.  

I cut pieces of cardboard and then held them together with duct tape. Make sure to use strong tape that will enable you to bend along the edges, but won’t fall apart.

Still need to add the Velcro to close the suit and allow Andy to get it easily on/off.

The finished piece!

Andy’s favorite is ninja is Kai, so we are going with red. I drew the rope on brown construction paper and Kai’s symbol on golden yellow paper. I used a thick black Sharpie to bold the drawings, cut, and attached them on with hot glue.

The body suit is complete, just need to add the Velcro for closure. Also, Andy does not have any long red sleeve shirt or pants, so I will be making these pieces separately as well. Look forward to pictures of Andy, modeling his completed costume! Hope this helps with anyone who is making a Lego Ninjago costume for their little one.

Also, go and check out how Baby Lux Designs made Cole’s Lego Ninjago costume for her little one.

Click here for the FINAL look of the Lego Ninjago Costume!