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I can’t believe October went by so quickly, Halloween is tomorrow!!! 

I have enjoyed this month so much. Lots of creative juices flowed as I prepared goodie bags, decorated the house, and my favorite, made costumes.

This weekend, I scrambled to make a Circus Ringleader costume for my boyfriend and I. It actually turned out great for being made out of the scrap materials I had around my house and being attached on with the magic of a hot glue gun =)

Hunni added the touch of the mustache and it was a HIT! I think people loved his mustache more than the costume (and being the maker, it does sting a little, LOL!). Next year, I think I will not even bother to make him a costume, just tell him to wear a mustache.

During the night out, I found a circus friend. It was a blast seeing everyone’s costumes. Some were pretty outrageous and scary. It’s fun seeing everyone step out of their comfort zone and dress up. Speaking of which, every year it was a mission to drag my older sister to go out and dress up with us. She is all about comfort and being a homebody. But this year, she went all out and made this amazingly cute Pikachu costume. Her husband was Ash—Gotta catch ’em all! It was a hit =)

Hope everyone had a great weekend of Halloween parties and dress-up. Cannot wait to go trick-or-treating with Andy!