About Me

Hello and welcome! I am starting medical school in January, and while I know it’s going to be a tough and long journey, where my days will be consumed in studying and practicing; I don’t want to lose my creative and fashion-forward personality. Blogging will hopefully give me the chance to combine my love for working on craft projects and staying updated on the latest style trends…All while trying to become the BEST doctor I can be!

I decided to start blogging after a discussion with a dear friend about how I needed to share my ideas and projects, as well as having an outlet to write about my medical school experience. I have always been creative by nature, and although I am entering a profession that does not require creativity and imagination, I cannot let that part of me sleep.

I adore all things pretty and cute—leading to my other love affairs to medicine—shopping and crafting. This blog will bring you along with me as I venture away from the States and start medical school—sharing my experience in a different culture and side of the world, and hopefully offering a guide to prospective medical students. I also hope this blog connects you with my passion for clothes and fashion, and shows you my creative skills. 

So here’s to being adventurous, learning, being inspired and creative, and as always, staying stylish!


2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Sherry Fung said:


    Loved your ninjago party but I couldn’t find Part 3 and I DESPERATELY need the template for the favor boxes b/c yours were the prettiest I have found on the web! I know u have no time to do blogging with medical school and all, but can u please send me the template?? It would save my life.

    Thanks so much and good luck at school!

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